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Fenland Hydrotech was established by the present Managing Director early in 1986. After completing a number of design/construct projects in the water industry, the company specialised in providing consultancy services to the water industry, industrial water users and for rivers, storm water drainage and irrigation.

The client list has since grown to include water service companies, water companies, utilities, property developers, public authorities and private individuals. High profile schemes have ranged from water main diversions for the construction of the A14 and A1 in Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire to the design of a major tunnel across the north of Malta. We were also heavily involved in the planning and design of storm water management for the Hamptons development in Peterborough, the largest privately-funded development in the country.

Our ISO 9001 Quality Assurance system has been certificated by NQA since 1993, and we were elected to the Association of Consulting Engineers in 1994. We were certified as 'Investors in People' in March 2003.

Our staff and associates are mainly from a background of the large international Consulting Engineers. We offer the services of a large company with the personalised service and costs of a small specialised Firm.

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