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What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management systems, superceding BS 5750.

ISO 9001 requires that you have a system for managing your business, and the goods or services it produces and that you follow your system. ISO 9001 combines the following to achieve the objective of ‘continual improvement of the quality management system’:

  • management responsibility
  • resource management
  • product realisation
  • measurement, analysis, improvement

Who does ISO 9001 apply to?
The standard is applicable to all industries whatever their size if their business is design, development, production, delivery or supply.

What benefit does ISO 9001 bring you?
Because you have ISO 9001 certification, it demonstrates to your customers that your quality system has been examined and found acceptable by an independent and internationally recognised body. Your ISO 9001 certification shows that you always put the customer first and focus your business on meeting your client's needs.

What benefit has ISO9001 brought us?
We have operated a Quality Management System since 1993. It has evolved considerably in that time, as the business and legislation have evolved. It is a vital management tool for controlling the complex projects we undertake. If this was not a requirement from many of our clients, we would do it anyway.




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