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Fenland Hydrotech Ltd. is an independent firm of Consulting Engineers, operating primarily in the civil engineering, water and environmental fields. The Firm recognises that its operations impact on the Environment, both locally and globally, in a number of ways.Fenland Hydrotech Ltd. is therefore committed to the reduction of the potential harmful effects of such actions and to the prevention of pollution. We are committed to achieving environmental best practice throughout our business activities. This will be achieved in the following ways:
  • We will comply with or exceed the requirements of relevant environmental regulations and legislation as well as supporting the Environmental Policy of the Association of Consulting Engineers.
  • We will monitor purchase practices and internal operations including energy and transport to ensure best use of natural resources, reduce environmental impact and reduce waste produced by our operations.
  • During the planning, design and implementation of projects, we will reduce, so far as practicable, any adverse environmental impact.
  • We will seek to integrate environmental considerations into future business policy decisions and provide the resources to ensure implementation of policy.
  • We will ensure our staff is aware of the Firmís policy and provide the necessary training in environmental awareness.† This will be part of the continuing professional development of all members of staff.† We will work with suppliers and other external organisations associated with our work to set them similar high standards.
  • Environmental objectives & targets will be set and reviewed.
  • The environmental performance of the Firm will be regularly reviewed through our QA procedures to ensure continual improvement in environmental performance.
  • Environmental Policy will be developed and implemented with a view to eventual registration to ISO 14001. The Environmental Policy will be reviewed, and adapted as necessary in light of actual performance, new issues or changing environmental legislation.
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