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Drainage covers the collection, re-use and disposal of water, and ranges from the safe disposal of the foul water from an isolated property to river engineering. We design, inspect and assess new and existing foul and stormwater drainage systems, rivers and streams and industrial drainage systems.

With water supply, the delivery of water is generally under control, and it is crucial that it does not fail. With drainage, there is generally little or no control over the inflow to the system. Eventually, an event may occur which the system cannot cope with, and so may fail, by flooding or surcharging. This possible failure should be planned, not catastrophic.

Most property developments now have to minimise the effects of storm water runoff, either by flow balancing or sustainable drainage systems. We design these systems, and carry out hydraulic modelling of existing and proposed drainage networks.

It may be sewage to you, but it is bread and butter to us.






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