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Project Management


Fenland Hydrotech provides a comprehensive Contract Administration service.  One of the most important services Consulting Engineers provide to their clients is managing the legal and contractual aspects of a contract and controlling costs.  This includes valuation of variations and settlement of disputes, and may include site supervision.

Contracts are often based on standard documents such as the ICE Conditions of Contract, which are then adapted to suit the particular circumstances of the scheme.  Specifications and Methods of Measurement can be based on established standards, adapted as necessary, or created specifically for the project.

The purpose of the contract documents is to identify what is required, what is acceptable and how the work will be paid for.  Construction is a risky business, and the contract allocates who should shoulder the various risks.  Risk cannot be avoided, but it can be minimised by thorough preparation of the contract documentation, and firm control of the contract during construction. 

Construction contracts are potentially risky for both the Client and the Contractor.  These risks cannot be avoided, but can be reduced by careful planning and documentation of the Contract and by firm management control during and after construction.

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