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These are the outlet pipelines for a major pumping station lifting 28 m3/sec over 50m head. All are all 1.7m dia, and were fabricated on site as part of a £100 million irrigation project.

Many of the studies and investigations we carry out will eventually result in something being built. This means developing the idea of a project to cover every detail of the construction and preparing drawings and documents so that a contractor knows exactly what is required.

Design fees are a small part of the project, but the design determines whether the project can be a success or will be a certain failure. No amount of workmanship can alter fundamental design flaws, and changes during construction or disputes with the contractor will cost many times the design cost.

We are designers and project managers, not contractors. Our job is to interpret the Client's wishes, produce designs, drawings and specifications, arrange contracts and manage the project through to completion.







Project management Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering Service diversions


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