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Flood Risk Assessments

The Government published guidance to planning authorities about flooding risk as PPG25 (Planning Policy Guidance) last year. The final document is similar to the consultation document but is more definite about what must be done.

The guidance is starting to take effect, with planning applications being rejected where flood risk assessments have not been carried out. This is also affecting schemes which have already been agreed.

The flood risk assessment must consider the risk of flooding to the site, the impact of the development on flood water and the risk of the development making flooding worse elsewhere.

PPG25 sets out a format of the questions which must be considered in completing the flood risk assessment, but some EA offices have prepared their own formats which go into much more detail. Flood risk maps are published on the Internet.

Anyone contemplating a planning application where there is any chance of flooding, or the runoff contributing to offsite flooding, should be aware of this guidance .We have prepared a brief summary of the guidelines with a downloadable pdf file.

We have carried out a large number of these assessments, and we know what is required. The approval process can be prolonged whatever we do, but can go on for ever if the assessment does not meet the EA's requirements.

We have been giving presentations on the guidelines to planners, architects and developers. If this is of interest to your organisation, please call us.


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